VOFITA acknowledges there has so far been a patchwork of regulations around vegetable oil (VO) or Pure Plant Oil (PPO) fuel, internationally and Stateside, due to inconsistent fuel standards and a lack of taxable disbursement infrastructure.

While VO fuel compliance requires the certification of fuel, conversion, & maintenance standards by regulating bodies, VOFITA also acknowledges that the onus is on the VO fuel community to conform to best practices.

As such, since the source impetus for a true VO fuel standard, and VOFITA's ongoing work in standard setting in anticipation of worldwide commercialization, rests in the Energy Policy Act of 1992 (EPAct): "EPAct 1992 also defines 'alternative fuels' as: . . . fuels, other than alcohol, derived from biological materials . . ."

This definition certainly includes vegetable oils, which are derived from plants, nuts, and seeds. VOFITA thus regards EPAct of 1992 as our Federal mandate to encourage the worldwide adoption of VO fuel, as part of a broader Pure Plant Oil (PPO) fuel standard along with functionally equivalent algae oil fuel.

Per our Conversions Page and under Protocol / Component Standards Directive from EPA National Vehicle Fuel Emissions Lab, VOFITA works with Veterans Green Villages' Military Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) assurance that our partner conversions are emissions compliant, durable, & in harmony with the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) fuel system.

Please contact us if you are passionate about vegetable oil fuel and are willing to strategically support VOFITA. We are NOT a non-profit. This work is currently a labor of love, and we are structured to broker business deals and to best channel sweat equity.