The below charts are theoretical estimates of financial focus ratios, from the genesis of VOFITA through to international syndication of VO fuel technology. VOFITA initially focuses equally on standardization consensus for VO fuel, components, and machinery servicing; advocacy of VO fuel through academic and governmental information sharing; and Vegetable Oil Conversion Companies’ Diesel Retrofit Rebates based on our Universal VO fuel standard (in progress). While the weight of our initial focus is here, through our evolution we aim to bring the focus of our activities to training, as through Diesel trade groups & Mechanics’ Associations; and to deployment projects, as may be supported by United Nations, Non Governmental Organizations, and other Development Authorities.

Please contact us if you are passionate about vegetable oil fuel and are willing to strategically support VOFITA. We are NOT a non-profit. This work is currently a labor of love, and we are structured to broker business deals and to best channel sweat equity.